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Event on 18th April

In Elements of becoming a self on April 19, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Last night a group of people came together to take part in an event using my work, ‘The Search for the Deep Self,’ as the container for an event which had as its aim to connect people who care about community and transformation.There was a wide section of expertise there, but also a common enthusiasm for people and community,for the urban and the natural environment.
We began with a short introduction where I quoted the motto of the designer William MacDonough. He says of design and of any thing that we do we need to ask how will it effect everything for the next seven generations. Out of this attitude he has become a pioneer for the The New Industrial Revolution where business and manufacturing is successful and effective but does no harm to people or the environment. If you are interested you can read his book, From Cradle to Cradle.
After the introduction people engaged with the project and then came together in a conversation cafe where we responded to two questions.
How did reading the stories effect you?
What are your dreams for your community?
We then had a conversation in a circle within the container of the project.
In is often the case that we have private passions and ideals which we have to modify in our working life. As the process unfolded between us I experienced how the private passion and ideals and everyday life began to move together and become congruent.
These are hard times. However what became clear yesterday is that we can meet together and share resources and begin to plan and create a different world where what we really value, human potential and the earth that sustains us, can really flourish.
It is clear from our conversations that there are effective means to make our aspirations visible and to contribute to transformation in Stourbridge.
Please stay in touch if you would like to keep exploring these dreams for the future and building networks of expertise and shared passion.



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Becoming a Self

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This is the core of the project. I have used it in many different settings – see theĀ events page on my website for more information.

Directory of Gratitude

In Elements of becoming a self on December 21, 2010 at 6:22 pm

This is available when I am putting on events; it is also on the DVD in the kit, and can be seen online here.

Some comments made verbally:

  • every child should make one of these!
  • when can I start?
  • now I see my life how it really is.